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The best thing about being a Writer and Ghostwriter is being able to have so much time to myself. Once all the research is done, I can lock myself away in my writing room – It was actually once my son’s bedroom – and get on with the job in hand.

Over the years I have dabbled in all sorts or genres from, writing children’s stories to scripts for TV, to poetry—I am now trying my hand at writing an adult crime novel—watch this space! More recently my time has turned towards copywriting and ghost-writing books for other people. I love my work, and I love helping others to get their stories written too.

Writing and producing my own books have brought me immense pleasure. I am now working with a new publisher from Norfolk called: FBS Publishing. They have been a joy to work with. My latest novel: ‘Mysterious Journey’ was published by them and is currently enjoying having 5 star reviews on Amazon. It is also available in all major bookshops.

So it’s upwards and onwards. If you need any help with anything that is mentioned on my site, why not drop me an e-mail or give me a ring; all my details are here on this site.

A small thought for you to take away:
A man who daydreams will get nowhere – a man with a dream can go anywhere.
Alec Price.