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Autobiographies – Memoirs – Business Profiles

As a Ghostwriter I am often asked to consider a wide variety of stories. Some come from people in business, who feel that writing about their life, and their success, will help them to develop their company’s profile. This is very objective … It can do that.
The marketing and the publicity that follows writing a book can seriously enhance your profile. A physical book is a strong marketing tool that people will read, remember and respect, and will keep for future reference.

But most of the enquires I receive as a ghostwriter, come from people who want to write their memoirs or autobiographies. You will without doubt have heard the saying: ‘Everyone has a book in them’ and this is true.
I am one of those people who believe that if you have had an interesting life, then why not leave your story for others to read. Your children and your grandchildren will, at some time during their lives, want to know about their roots. This can be your chance to leave your very own personal piece of history for them.
Some also feel that events in their lives have been sufficiently important, or exciting enough for them to write a book about—one that it may turn out to be a best seller.
I have helped business people to write about their lives and the wheeling and dealing that has amassed them their fortunes. I have also sat down with some who have had some terrible times and decided they needed to document it. There have been funny stories and sad ones. Stories of success and stories of failure, but they have all been worth writing about.
If you have a story to tell and you would like my help, give me a call, or e-mail me. All my contact details are on my home page.